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Norwegian brown cheese | Tasty cultural traditions

Learn more about Norwegian brown cheese! For hundreds of years, Norwegians have enjoyed brown cheese. Find out how it is made and where you can try it.

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What is Brunost? A Guide to Norwegian Brown Cheese

What is Norwegian brown cheese? Find out about this beloved staple, also called brunost.

Norwegians Love Brunost. But Is It Cheese?

Norwegians Love Brunost. But Is It Cheese? | The Cheese Professor

First made on a small Norwegian farmstead in 1863, brunost boomed in popularity, becoming one of Norway’s staple foods within decades.


Brunost is a traditional and unique cheese that brings a part of Norway to your table. Made from the finest Norwegian goat’s milk and cream, brunost has a strong salty-sweet, slightly tangy caramel fudge taste, with hints of sweetness from the caramelized milk.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Norwegian Brown …

Everything You Wanted to Know About Norwegian Brown Cheese

Norwegian brown cheese is a local delicacy, but not something that many people have tried. This article reveals everything you need to know.

Norwegian brown cheese – What is it? – Norway With Pal

Goat cheese, brown cheese, gjetost, geitost, brunost, mysost…”a well liked child goes by many names”. But what is this iconic Norwegian cheese?

Norwegian Brown Cheese – also known as Gudbrandsdalen

Norwegian Brown Cheese is an unusual cooked whey cheese made from a mixture of goat and cows milk. Also known as Gudbrandsdalen.

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